10 Home Based Business Ideas

Some families may find it difficult to survive on one income only, and the overwhelming cost of child care makes going out to work a futile task for the second parent. Some individuals with excellent skills may find themselves unemployable because of a disability or lifestyle needs that makes a regular nine to five job out of the question. People who have retired may mean they want to have an extra income doing something they really enjoy after toiling away for a corporation.
Even personality can influence how people are able to work and fulfil themselves. Whatever your circumstance, you can bring in extra income by doing something you enjoy and can manage yourself and even do in the comfort of your own home. Being your own boss is a big learning curve and an exciting challenge, and one that should be embraced at whatever stage of life you are at.
We’ve come up with a list of the best ten home based businesses to set up today.

1. Cosmetic Sales

The immense success of companies such as Avon and Younique is based entirely on the work from home women that sell and distribute their products. While these two companies do have a network marketing structure, most of the money is earned from direct sales. These are excellent business opportunities for women because there is virtually no start-up capital required, except for a starter or demonstration pack. Other than that, some stationery from your local supplier and a mobile phone is all that is needed to get going. Women selling products that they use themselves are the best advert, and it makes it easy to promote. A bit of creativity and your unique touch is bound to produce good results.

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