Teddy Sheringham’s tackle on Gordon Ramsay

Its quite easy to dislike the obnoxious chef Gordon Ramsay for all his on screen antics and the needless torrents of abuse he throws around (although that’s why his shows are so popular). It seems like Teddy Sheringham (former England and Tottenham striker) may not be Gordon’s biggest fan either after taking him out in a charity football (soccer) match. Gordon had to be stretchered off the pitch after lying face down in agony for several minutes. He was then taken to hospital where he received treatment and was released without anything too serious wrong. It reminded us a little of the Boris Johnson (London Mayor) ‘rugby tackle’ on a German player during a similar type of soccer match a few years ago that was supposed to be a ‘friendly’. Whether the tackle was intended to be a bit of a joke that went too far or whether Teddy is just not a fan of Hell’s Kitchen we don’t know.

Have a look at the clip on youtube and make up your own mind!

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