Millionaires of the internet

The internet is a source of rich content and information for almost everything if not everything. Aside from just dishing out information, it is a source of income for many across the world. And this is because of the numerous applications and jobs that can be found online. However the internet is not what it was 10 years ago. Not everybody could access it and not everybody could claim to use it. With creativity, support and hard work there are people who are considered to be giants in the realm of technology and this is due to their contribution to the different features of the internet that we have today. Below are some names of people who have contributed to the internet greatly for a number of different reasons.

  • Lawrence Page- he is the cofounder behind the world’s largest search engine, Google. Google is the most used search engine globally and it is an application that can be found on most smart phones and high-end phones. Google goes ahead to offer a variety of other search options including advanced search and it also allows you to narrow down your search to a variety of options presented to you.
  • Sergey Brin- he is Lawrence’s partner as together, they are the founders of Google up until the moment they appointed a chief executive in their wake.
  • Jeffrey Bezos- he is the creator of one of the world’s largest internet stores. A lot of things can be found on Amazon ranging from cutlery and utensils to books and stoves. Amazon is your one all in one store from which you can get almost everything and it is operational all over the world.
  • Pierre Omidyar- ever heard of eBay? Well he is its founder. In 1995 while in his later twenties he founded the website that has not turned out to be the largest auction site over the internet. Sellers have profiles and are rated by the buyers depending on whether they deliver the items or not.
  • Mark Zuckerberg- this name has gained a lot of popularity and this is due to the fact that it is associated with Facebook the biggest social website in the world. The idea was born in a Harvard university dorm in 2004. Now Zuckerberg has gone on to be one of the youngest billionaires in the world as Facebook has billions of ever growing fans the world over.
  • Hiroshi Mikitani- though not popular except in Japan is known for founding Japan’s leading internet shopping center, Rakuten Ichiba. You can find basically anything on this website though the only downfall is that it is somewhat restricted to Japan alone but that has not stopped Mikitani from becoming a billionaire.
  • Ma Hauteng- he is more popular in China for having come up with the country’s biggest online chat service known as Tencent QQ.

All of these people had ideas and put together with creativity and persistence have gone on to offer the world services that most feel we cannot do without today. In so doing, they have made a name for themselves not to mention a growing bank account.

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