Simple trick to get more twitter followers

If you use twitter to promote your business or services or are just friend hungry you probably could use more twitter followers. Whilst I don’t condone spamming there is certainly something to be said for getting your tweets read by as many people as possible. A method a lot of people use is to follow as many people as they can and then wait a while and unfollow the ones that don’t follow them back. That’s pretty effective, but not much fun.

Our ‘simple trick’ is a bit more fun (if you’re extremely bored):

Search for “100th follower” or any landmark number “th” follower. You’ll get a load of results from people tweeting “who’s going to be my nth follower” or some kind of prize that they’re offering to their nth follower. If you look at their follower and their 1 off their target then follow them and you’ll be their nth follower. They normally then mention you in a tweet or something similar, thus giving you more exposure and attracting other people to follow you.

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