They’re Gonna Taste Great… The Frosties Kid

Frosties Kid
Sven or Matthew?

Back in 2006 a young lad by the name of Matthew Harban or Sven (depending on the source) was the enthusiastic star of a rather bizarre Frosties Advert. Matthew/Sven came across as somewhat keen during the Ad and the fact that anyone watching British TV was forced to re-listen to his “They’re gonna taste greaaate!” refrain every 20 minutes didn’t do him any favors.


To be honest though, he wasn’t given a lot to work with, so perhaps his annoying bounding and prancing was necessary to disguise the fact that he was expected to rhyme the words ‘wait’ and ‘pirate’.

(preceding drivel) …And your teenage brother who’s out on a date!
If you live in Oz, mate,
Or the Empire State!
Even ladies with personalized number plates!
Or a bloke in a crate…
(drivel continues)


Honestly I can’t recall any other  “celebrity” becoming such a bizarre rumor magnet since Elvis or the late, great Steve Irwin. Here are a few of the ones that got our attention:

  • Sven or Matthew committed suicide as a result of the reaction he got from the ad.
  • The frosties kid is not a real human, but actually a computer generated image, said another rumor.
  • Probably the most disturbing rumor was that he was a cancer sufferer and his dying wish was to star in a frosties advert!


If you type his name into google you will seen that not only did he become a magnet for rumors but also for hate. Granted it was an annoying advert, but the guy was a young kid who got an acting job, and probably spurred on by the director and marketing team to act like the pied piper of camp. The Sun ran an article on their website titled: “Cereal killers after frosties kid” – In this article the Sun talk about the hate advert had brought the actor. They claim to have tracked him down to South Africa where he attended school and trained as a gymnast for 18 hours a week.

Anyway what’s he up to now? Well from our very limited resources and research (basically our budget stretches as far google searches!) we have determined, with a limited certainty, that at the time of posting Matthew/Sven is still alive and kicking, he hasn’t committing suicide, is not living on the moon and is probably in South Africa.

If anyone has any better information of interesting rumors we would love to here them!



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