How to ‘go viral’ – Marketing

So, you have a video that you think could be the next ‘Charlie bit my finger’ or ‘Evolution of Dance’?

If you’ve got the content you’re half way there! Now you need to get it out there and get people talking about it. The whole concept of a viral video is that is spreads naturally as it is passed from person to person over the internet. So you may think marketing isn’t really necessary, but unless you’ve got something amazing and you get lucky you’d be well advised to give the process a ‘kick-start’. There isn’t really a 100% method, but all of these things can help you chances…


Obviously the first thing you need to do is to get people viewing the video so that the process can begin. The obvious choice here is youtube. One issue though is if you are looking to monetize your video and are not already a partner you may miss out onĀ  potential revenues. Investigate this and if possible either team up with a current youtube partner, try to become a partner yourself or think of another way to monetize (if that’s what you’re doing it for), such as finding a sponsor who you can show in the credit or something similar. Also bear in mind there is more to the internet than Youtube, although, yes it is by far the most viewed and most popular.


Next a good place to start with getting the word spreading is with your own social networking friends. Tell them about it in your status, post a twitter report, start a facebook group or page… Any and all of these can help.

Do you have a blog or website? If so post about it or add it to your website, then go and comment on other websites about your new post or video (but don’t spam), this way you can get organic traffic to the viewing page as well as increase your sites visibility and possible PR on the internet.

A few other options are that you could hit the forums, add it to your email signature. Ask friends and family to tell their friends. Try and get some exposure in the local media. Do some offline marketing. Basically use common sense and think of any other way you have heard about one of these type of videos in the past, can the same method be applied to your video?

If you get all this done and your content is very good then you have a high chance of ‘going viral’.



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