Geordie Shore – TV Genius or Utter Rubbish?

Having just watched the first episode of Geordie shore as a direct result of all the ‘negative’ media coverage, I was left amazed, appalled and itching for the next episode. The show is a spin-off of Jersey Shore, its American counterpart, but with the self-obsessed, loud-mouthed Jersey folk replaced by their equals from Newcastle. Many have been quick to jump on the show for mis-representing geordies and they definitely have a point. The cast are fairly disgusting and some of what most people hate about modern British culture, however at the same time watching them is addictive and highly entertaining.


Its a simple formula, find a few loose, image obsessed men and women, add a lot of alcohol and put them in a house together. Not dissimilar to several other tv shows of the past, such as sky one’s ‘The Villa’.


Although its not behavior we are proud of in the UK, it is prevalent in nearly every town centre up and down the country at least on Friday and Saturday nights. So maybe we shouldn’t be criticising a TV show for what is not really unusual behavior in our society, but should be tackling the behavior itself!

What do you think?

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