British Politician’s Acting Up

john prescott

This week marks our first collection of videos that are ‘worth another look’, something that we hope to make a regular feature.

The theme of the week is: British Politicians – Usually quite a boring subject, but we’ve dug out a few amusing clips from the deep archives of youtube.


John Prescott and the Egg

Here we see John Prescott reaction to haveing an egg thrown at him. I think John reacted well with a beatiful straight left and should be praised for it. Its a good lesson that just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they can be physically assaulted by the public!

John Prescott Punch


Boris Johnson’s Rugby Tackle

Here we see one of Britain’s political greats – Boris Johnson – involving himself in a charity football match against a German team. Boris shows his public school rugby background with a slightly overenthusiastic tackle. (might have been a slip, but lets pretend it was intentional)

Boris Johnson’s Rugby Football Tackle


Gordon Brown’s Biggot Slip

Gordon Brown forgot his microphone was on! A big mistake – but nothing compared to selling the country’s supply of gold at the bottom of the market.

Gordon Brown and the Bigot

More coming soon…

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