Best Gangnam Style Covers on Youtube

As of the 24th September the Gangnam Style video now has over 265,000,000 views and by the end of the day it will probably have over 270 million. Its getting about 10 million views a day and is on its way into the charts for the most viewed youtube videos of all time.

If you haven’t seen it watch it on youtube here.
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Millionaires of the internet

The internet is a source of rich content and information for almost everything if not everything. Aside from just dishing out information, it is a source of income for many across the world. And this is because of the numerous applications and jobs that can be found online. However the internet is not what it was 10 years ago. Not everybody could access it and not everybody could claim to use it. With creativity, support and hard work there are people who are considered to be giants in the realm of technology and this is due to their contribution to the different features of the internet that we have today. Below are some names of people who have contributed to the internet greatly for a number of different reasons.

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Most useful programming language to learn

Most programmers know that learning a programming language can be useful only in where it applies. However if the situation where changed, it would be hard to adapt to a new kind of programming language. This has caused many programmers and aspiring programmers to want to know the most useful programming language to learn; one that could be applicable in a variety of fields. It is also very important that you do not stick with just one language alone.  This is a great way to boost your career and even if you are starting out, there is a list of the best programming languages you should know. This list was put together by IT specialists and brilliant web developers. Continue reading

Simple trick to get more twitter followers

If you use twitter to promote your business or services or are just friend hungry you probably could use more twitter followers. Whilst I don’t condone spamming there is certainly something to be said for getting your tweets read by as many people as possible. A method a lot of people use is to follow as many people as they can and then wait a while and unfollow the ones that don’t follow them back. That’s pretty effective, but not much fun.

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How to get on English TV

Have you ever wondered how people get to be on quiz shows, documentaries or in the audience for TV programs?

Some programs have their own advertisements where you can phone or email in if you would like to be on the show and you may or may not get chosen. The majority however use other methods to get their audience or participants. We came across a website the other day that does this and may be worth a look if you would like to get on TV

Here it is: Be On TV